Bilateral Agreements

The European Union has initiated talks with governments in Latin America to enable programmes fueling R+D cooperation on GNSS across the two continents. In the long run, agreements with each country are to be focusing on the particularities and specific opportunities to better strengthen collaboration in each case. Whenever materialized, GNSS will be addressed through these agreements either as GNSS-specific agreements or included in larger science and technology frameworks.

Currently, initial approachers between governments and EU officials have been made summarized as follows:

  • Brazil: In October 2011, an intention letter for a space policy dialogue has been signed between Mr Aloizio Mercadante, Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil, and Mr Antonio Tajani, Vice-president of the European Commission, with the aim to build an effective system of partnership and cooperation between Brazil and the EU in civil space activities, within which Global Navigation Satellite Systems is included
  • Chile: In June 2011, a joint declaration on cooperation in the areas of radionavigation by satellite and earth observation was issues between Mr Juan Andrés Fointaine Talavera, Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile, and Mr Antonio Tajani, Vice-president of the European Commission, with the goal to foster joint cooperation activities in the area of GNSS through the establishment of an international agreement.
  • Argentina: Talks have been initiated between Argentinian and EU officias to lay the foundation for cooperation in the space and GNSS domains.

Additionally, Mr. Tajani visits México and Colombia on May 2012 for preliminary talks leading, eventually, to specific agreements for cooperation in space domains.

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