GALILEO Services

GALILEO is progressing, currently transitioning between the development phase (IOV, In-Orbit Validation) and final deployment. In summary, a series of satellites have already been deployed:

  • GIOVE-A, GIOVE-B: On going missions for preliminary In-Orbit Validation
  • FOC (Full Operational Capability) commissioning on going
  • First IOV satellites launched October 2011
  • First GALILEO Services expected 2014/2015

GALILEO will have an availability greater than 99.5%, delivering a set of services for end-user applications as show in the table below

Service Characteristics Horizontal / Vertical Accuracy Integrity
Open Service Free to air, mass market, simple positioning 4m / 8m NO
Public Regulated Service Encrypted, robust, continuous availability 4m / 8m NO
Safety of Life Service Adds integrity to Open Service 4m / 8m YES (LPV200)
Commercial Service Encrypted, high accuracy, added-value service Detailed performance requirements under elaboration