GACELA Knowledge Management Center

The GACELA Knowledge Management Center provides consultancy on technical issues such as the feasibility of a new solution as well as on marketing, legal, regulation and certification aspects. This center, tightly integrated with the GALILEO Information Center constitutes the bridge between Europe and the Region on the development on GNSS based applications, through the organization of dedicated workshops. One of the its main missions of GACELA is be to actively support and promote the adoption of regulations and standards for the development of applications using European GNSS systems.

One of the target issues being address is the lack of wide spread knowledge on GNSS in the Region. Awareness is crucial in order for the end users to understand the benefits brought by Satellite Navigation Systems. As way of example in the Region, the large scale introduction of Positioning Systems is driven by security needs: there is a pool of security companies providing low cost tracking services. This type of service, has been adopted by insurance companies like a standard. But this low cost service is a barrier to the expansion of better quality GNSS services. A clear awareness effort shall be done in order to promote the key benefits brought by EGNOS and GALILEO systems and infrastructure in the Region.