GACELA Validation Facilities

GACELA Validation Facilities facilities consist on the necessary means to perform in-field tests allowing the pre-commercial launch of new services as shown in the reference picture below.


Taking into account GNSS Needs and Potential Markets assessed throughout the project , the following major test zones have been defined:

a. Urban : means allowing to test new Location Based Services in severe environments such as urban canyons were GNSS satellites reception is difficult

b. Rural/High accuracy: applications in this zone will be tested demanding a high level of accuracy as well as road applications requiring a legal or economic liability (for instance applicable to road pricing and traffic law enforcement applications). In these test zone will be tested Precise Farming and Road Transport applications.

c. Maritime: allowing to test GNSS and AIS applications to increase collision prevention between vessels, and for inland waterways navigation. Fishery and Maritime applications will be covered by this test zone.

d. Aeronautical: allowing to test civil aviation GNSS applications