GACELA Laboratory Platform

The GACELA Laboratory is a platform containing a set of analysis, development and test tools. On one hand, these means allow to test new navigation services and help the development of location technological solutions while ensuring the compatibility with GNSS infrastructure. Secondly, the Laboratory contributes to the development of future added value applications based on the center expertise. Finally, the laboratory offers the possibility to perform reproducible test of GNSS receivers taking into account an accurate in-field test condition characterization allowing receivers operational certification. The Laboratory is composed of a set of technological platform as show in the picture and listed below.


They are provided here in order to structure the global technical means that can be deployed in GACELA Laboratory with an open and modular architecture. It is to be noted that depending on the resource availability to all of the following platforms might be accessible at a given moment:

a. System Analysis Platform: composed of a set of GNSS constellations simulators (GPS, EGNOS and GALILEO), interoperability tests tools between receivers and GNSS infrastructure

b. Application Development Platform: integrating GNSS enabled mobile phones or smart-phones, application servers, cartography servers and MMI development modules

c. Platform for the Development of Technological Solutions: allowing for instance to develop indoor location solutions (RF ID, Wifi, sensors,...)

d. Real Environment validation Platform: representing real environment scenario that can reproduce in-field test conditions in a Laboratory such as urban canyon, suburban areas, indoor or light-indoor environments,... This Platform includes space-to-space test cases to validate the performance of GNSS space receivers.

e. Supervision Platform: allowing the operability of the set of means, and the management of the platform users and interfaces.