GACELA Concept

The main objective of the GALILEO Center of Expertise for Latin America (GACELA) is to foster the business activity on applications using European Navigation Satellite Systems products and infrastructure in South America Region through a framework of political cooperation between Argentina, and in extension with all LATAM region, and Europe.

GACELA was a project funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) that created in 2010 a pilot Center of Expertise to enable the development and validation of GNSS applications throughout Latin America, and assessed its feasibility from the technical, financial and political perspectives.

To achieve this, GACELA provides new business generators (SME, Research Institutes, Universities, Industry...) with the platforms and the expertise needed in order to ensure their competitiveness in the market. Through GACELA the following objectives are ensured:

  • To minimize the level of investment of each actor in the value chain
  • To technically incubate and accompany these actors on the innovation provided by EGNOS and Galileo systems and infrastructure in the business activity of the Region
  • To accelerate new product and solutions development cycles

For both the economical and the technical challenges explained above, GACELA is, in addition, promoting the development of standards and regulations supporting European Navigation Satellite Systems.

From an analysis of regional markets, capabilities and industry needs, the Center of Expertise is build around three main components


A Laboratory platform allowing providing R&D tools to evaluate the performance of new navigation services and allowing the development of new technological solutions.

Validation Facilities allowing the pre‐commercial launch of new services and solutions (i.e.: applications, receivers, terminals). These facilities holds the necessary means to perform in‐field testing in real selected environments (the scenarios will be simulated during the first version) or test zones. Several environments have been determined in order to be able to test the potential markets: Precise Farming, Fishery and Maritime, Road Transport, Location Based Services and Civil Aviation.

A Knowledge Management Center, which provides consultancy services in technical, standardisation, and certification, legal and marketing issues. This centre is also be in charge of training sessions on Galileo related matters